Specifications of the specialized version of the DD-API for ecology

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Digital Delta Eco specification

This specification describes the Digital Delta Eco API (DD-ECO-API). It is meant for both implementers and consumers of the Digital Delta Eco specification.

It replaces the older specification, which is archived and considered obsolete.

The DD-ECO-API v2.0 specification is written in OpenAPI version 3.0.1. This makes viewing and interpreting the specification easier. It also opens the doors to more documentation- and code-generator tools.

v2.0 is an extension of v1.0. The new features are entirely optional.

A minimal implementation of the DD-ECO-API can be viewed here.

A full implementation of the AquaDesk provider, as an example, can be viewed here.

The new features include:

About the Digital Delta Eco specification

The DD-ECO-API is a specification of a retrieve-only REST service, focussing on (but not limited to) ecology.

Ecological data consists of both biotic (related to life forms) and abiotic (chemical- and physics-related) measurements.

While the DD-API focusses on time series (data that in time only differs in the measured value), the DD-ECO-API focusses on observations, which also deals with sampling, preparation, determination and measurement.

A short description on ecological measurements and what makes it difference can be found here.

Since ecology is diverse, in that no two ecological research projects may require the exact same data to be recorded, the DD-ECO-API specification focusses on formalizing functionality and structure, but provides suggestions for properties to make the data useful (make information from data).

The DD-ECO-API specification therefor describes:

The full list of requirements and recommendations are described here.

The Current implementations page lists the current implementations of DD-ECO-API v2 with their current status. The Consumers page provides a list of current consumers and the implementations they use.


  • Geri Wolters - Initial work, Maintainer - EcoSys
  • Stef Hummel - Initial work - Deltares

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details